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On to Redemption?

Well, today was a good day/bad day for me. I mentioned in an earlier post that I went to my Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law about my situation when I was desperate. Well my Brother-in-law, who is a Financial Planner (funny huh?) met with me yesterday. He went over all of my finances, as ugly as they are. He asked a lot of questions and we talked a long time. We came out with an initial plan of him to loan me money to get my payday loans paid off. This is huge for me! :)

I immediately went to work contacting each payday lender and telling them to PAY IN FULL!!! on the next due date! What a joy! What a treat! It felt so good.

Now you may think that that is the end of my trouble, but no, not really. My trouble is just beginning. Now not only do these two people know my deep dark secret, but in the process of deciding how to help me, my brother-in-law talked to my other brother-in-law a little about my situation. Well he freaked on us. He was very upset that I was in debt trouble, again, and he was adamant that my husband know what is going on. Not only my husband, but my children too! And that no money should be loaned without some collateral to insure that it is paid back. He thinks we should refinance the house with one of them as the co-signer!

OMGosh!!! I’m freaking out and so scared that he is going to go to my husband with this. I immediately e-mailed him and told him that the initial money to pay off the Payday loans was all that I need and that my first Brother-in-law took care of it and to please just give me time to turn this around before saying anything to my husband! I’m so afraid because I have not heard a thing from him since. I don’t know what will happen.

Really a lot of mixed feelings here because I am so grateful and relieved to pay off all the payday loans. BUT, so SCARED!!! that the truth is going to come out. I’ve guarded this secret for so long, and now it may be blown wide open!!!! Only time will tell, check back for the answer and the rest of the story!

visit often, stay long, leave happy! Bye! ;)

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