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And the Beat Goes On!

Hello fellow bloggers and debtors!
Its been awhile since I posted something new. I plan to get back into the swing of it and continue my story of debt, corruption, and the payday loans! :) I just had the opportunity to take a two week vacation and visit family! Wow was it much needed. I saw people who I haven’t seen in years. Hurray for paid vacation time off work!! I traveled cheap too, being thrifty all the way. But still had one of the best vacations ever!
Now, on to my debt saga. I left off with my wonderful Brother-in-law who is a Financial Planner (duh) looked over my situation and helped me get out of the Payday loan garbage. And then there is the freakin’ out Brother-in-law who wants me to confess everything to my entire family, refinance, co-sign my house over to him, etc!!! Whew, he is pretty self-righteous and verging on crazy! He totally despises me now and can’t stand, “what I am doing to HIS brother!” and OMGosh! I must be just an awful person. Well, like I don’t think that bad about myself already. I don’t need a lot of help to really feel down on myself. Oh but he has been willing to give it for sure.
Well, the month has gone by, my finances are looking a little better. The payday loan debt is nearly all gone (what, did I say nearly?) I did, it seems that I could not go without taking just a little more. I ran out of money, again, even after all the payoffs. Those darn Payday Loans just bleed you dry a drop at a time. But on the good side of things, I’ve paid off one loan from Prosper, and there is another one (in my husband’s name) that will be paid off in November along with one more of mine…if I can make it. If I can make it, if I can make it… I will have nearly $1400 in payments gone! That, along with my payday loans mostly gone should make a huge difference for me. But only time will tell…until then, the beat goes on!

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  1. RILEY18Lilian says

    It’s cool that we can get the loan moreover, this opens up new chances.

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  2. Jessica says

    You seems to have gone through it all and have poured your heart out in this blog. Having been there, you truly to know all about debts and payday loans unlike most of the so called gurus who write about it but hardly explains anything in a way we can understand. I’m sure you will be on your way to a debt free life pretty soon and I’ll be cheering you all the way. Keep smiling!

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    • freeworks says

      Thank you for the warm words and comments. Unfortunately, it is true. I know because I’ve been there. And am still in the midst of struggling. Thank you for stopping by.

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