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Payday Loans, Important Facts

If you are in the market to take a Payday Loan it is best to be sure you have a reputable lender, one that will give you good terms and the best possible rate. Do a little research because they vary greatly.

Some lenders will only allow a 14 day loan while others will give you a monthly term. It is usually based on your pay frequency, but do some checking. Fees may be higher the longer term you have and the sooner you can pay the loan off, the better

There are lenders who will charge you as little as $15.00 per $100 borrowed, and up to as high as $30.00 per $100 borrowed. The difference is huge in what you will pay in fees.

You may find a Payday Loan lender who offers automatic renewal of the loan. This can really cost you a lot of money if you don’t watch out. They will automatically renew your loan every time it is due. They will charge you the finance fee only and not pay down any principal on your loan for five renewals. Then after the fifth, they start taking an additional $50 plus the refinance charge. The extra $50 will apply to paying down your principal. This may seem like a good way to do it, but you will end up paying three times what the original amount of the loan was by allowing this to go on. So be aware of the terms you are getting into.

To find out more about Payday Loan Lenders in an exclusive report that identifies the best lenders, mistakes to avoid, what to do and not to do regarding the Payday Loans, and also some alternative lending sources, go here now. There is a small fee for the report, but it could save you hundreds of dollars.

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  1. RenaClarke24 says

    Set your life more easy take the loan and all you need.

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  2. Payday Loans says

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  3. Brycen_09 says

    Payday loans are claimed to carry too high a price for everyone to pay. The few other possibilities, though, that exist to payday cash advances could be way more expensive. Credit cards could be far more expensive if an individual makes minimum payments for a long time. The principal may never be touched on a credit cash advance, if only a minimum payment is made.

    I read this here: Payday loans are cheaper than the alternativesThe rates of interest are also pointed to. A short term installment loan from a payday lender could be a fraction of the interest on an overdraft charge. It also goes often unmentioned that banks and credit unions don’t all offer a cash advance type product because they cannot afford to.

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