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Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Tragedy?

Easy come, easy go. Well, no. If you remember where my saga ended (to catch up, go here), my freakin’ brother-in-law was stressing, and pushing me to tell my husband about all the new debt we had. Now, I had asked (begged) him to allow me to wait a couple of months, till December to be exact. He AGREED! HE AGRREEEED! Well, do you think he stuck to his promise? Here it is October 10, and guess what? Yes, my husband knows. That freakin’ bastard of a brother-in-law did not keep his promise. He thought it was his place, no matter what damage it did, to break his promise and give my husband the heads-up that he needed to “check his finances” and soon. Where is the love? Twenty-Three years in this family and that is the kind of loyalty to me I get from him? Well, that relationship is very much down the tubes, that is a given.

So here I sit, after the third reaming from my husband. Yes, I still live in the house. I ask myself every hour why? We did not have much of a relationship to build on before he knew I lied. And I lied! I really did lie! I am almost compulsive when it comes to him. I can not be honest in any aspect. Not about money, not about needs, not about sex, not about anything! He asks me something and I am just so damn afraid to answer him with the truth! He is extremely intimidating, and besides, any truth I give him, he twists, he denies, he makes me feel like a fool for saying it. Damn him, Damn Him! As you can tell, things are not well in our neck of the woods.

So help me out here. Anyone been in a remotely similar situation? Anyone lied to their spouse and not really known why? Or knew exactly why? Give me your feedback. I wanna know. What am I to do at this point. Strapped with Debt, guilt, anger, just where does one go from here? Its very surreal!

Well, bye for now, visit often, stay long, leave happy! (yeah right!) :)

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