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Hello, I’m a fifty-one year young lady who loves life, even if it does tend to try to get me down.  I am married and have two lovely children who are both attending college at this time.  I don’t have “empty nest” syndrome, and I sometimes feel a little guilty about that! He he!  My kids are actually going to school quite close though in another city, so that may explain that a little.  I do get to see them quite often.

I have a dog, and a cat. The dog lives inside and is a little spoiled, while the cat gets to stay outdoors.

I have a very good steady job that I’ve had the last 14 years.  My husband too.  But debt has a way of finding its way in no matter what.

I started this site to encourage myself, maybe humor others, maybe help others know they are not alone. I hope you enjoy my rantings!

Visit often, stay long, leave happy.

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