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Debt Management Library & Resources

Here is an extensive list of great Debt Management Tools and Resources. I’ve used some of these tools, but not all of them. If you choose one, be sure to stop back and give me a review on how it did or did not work for you.

The Business Guide to Credit Management: Advice and Solutions for Cash-Flow Control, Financial Risk and Debt Management

The Business Guide to Credit Management: Advice and Solutions for Cash-Flow Control, Financial Risk and Debt Management

In the best economic circumstances, effective credit management can be a challenge for many businesses; in tough times, it can become a critical operational factor that can threaten to make or break an otherwise healthy business. “The Business Guide to Credit Management” offers new insights into cash management, payment flows, debt collection and asset-based finance, providing practical advice and commentary for those charged with managing, coordinating and protecting their company’s finances. It examines the credit management cycle from the perspectives of the suppliers, the customers and the banks, explaining the interrelationships between all three groups and offering best-practice models that can help to smooth the financial path, particularly when credit flows appear to be drying up.

Public Debt Management

Public Debt Management

The choice of currency denomination, indexation, and maturity structure of public debt is an increasingly important aspect of policy in a world of high debts and financially integrated markets. This book surveys theories and evidence on public debt composition and debt returns with the goal of emphasizing the main policy issues.

Family Money Management God's Way: Live Abundantly, from Debt

Family Money Management God’s Way: Live Abundantly, from Debt

Worry about money? Take control of your personal finances with “Family Money Management God’s Way-”a practical, easy-to-use guide for anyone seeking financial freedom. This useful guide offers a clear vision of the benefits of financial freedom, and practical thoughts for attaining that goal. With step-by-step instructions on tracking and controlling spending, creating a budget, and getting out of debt, “Family Money Management God’s Way” includes all the worksheets you’ll need, perforated and reproducible. It’s a powerful tool that’s priced right at less than $8.

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